Antarctica was surprisingly all jungle around 50 million years ago. Now, it is all frozen over. The reason for this is originally Antarctica started out by the equator millions of years ago. More fascinating facts about Antarctica as you read on.


  • Antarctica is currently located at the South Pole on the Earth.


  • Antarctica facts state that less than one percent of Antarctica is not covered with ice.


  • Antarctica is so large that it helps the continent stay colder for longer period.


  • The coldest Antarctica has ever gotten was negative 129 degrees Fahrenheit and that was in 1983.


  • Currently, Antarctica is larger than The United States of America in size.


  • Antarctica is almost inhabitable and therefore has no natives.


  • It has the worst and most extreme weather of the world.


  • Underneath all the ice and snow of Antarctica is a desert.


  • The word Antarctica is Greek and represents exactly the opposite of what the continent is.


  • It is the world’s fifth largest continent. According to Antarctica statistics, this continent is the coldest, driest and windiest amongst all continents.


  • Antarctic wildlife is restricted to the coastal regions including seals, Antarctic birds and seals.

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