Charles Darwin is considered as one of the most essential figures in science history. He was born in Shrewsbury, England on 12th of February 1908, sharing the same birthday with 16th US president Abraham Lincoln. He was initially sent to Edinburgh University to study medicine. Darwin however, disliking the sight of blood, deserted his medical studies and pursued marine environments and taxonomy. Read on to learn more facts about Charles Darwin.


Interesting Facts about Charles Darwin


  • The five year expedition around the world on the sailing vessel HMS Beagle was probably the key event of Darwin’s life. The voyage started in 1831 and ended in 1836, which gave him the opportunity to study the geology of the places they traveled and gather huge collection of specimens of natural history. This led him to propose the Natural Selection theory and write the ground-breaking book “On the Origin of Species”.


  • Darwin traveled in exotic areas and studies the wide variety of life forms he ran into. He discovered fossils in unpredicted places including the perplexing fossils of tropical life forms on the mountain top. This made him think about how these life forms and plants came to be.


Fun Facts about Charles Darwin for Kids


  • The highest mountain in Tierra del Fuego was named after Charles Darwin. The Mount Darwin was named by Captain Fitzroy as Darwin’s 25th birthday gift on 12th of February 12, 1824.


  • Today, about 9 genera and 120 species are named after Darwin.


  • He married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, a devoted Christian. Their marriage was successful and they have been blessed with 10 children.


  • Darwin was a Christian and became an agnostic in his later life.


  • Did you know that he washed his feet at school for only once a month? He confessed this strange fact in a letter.


He has debilitated by different disease of unidentified origin for much of his later life since he settled down.

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