Louis Pasteur, a French chemist, was born on 27th of December 1822 and well-known for his contribution on disease prevention and causes. He created substantial number of significant discoveries which were related to vaccinations, immune system, natural of disease and chemistry. Below are more interesting facts about Louis Pasteur.

Fascinating Facts about Louis Pasteur

  • He was well-recognized for his brilliant work called Pasteurization. This process helps stop food or liquid from making people ill. It helps eliminate the number of disease-causing organisms in the food without affecting its taste and quality.


  • He studied about the vaccination and immune system through the research on disease like chicken cholera. Pasteur contributed in the creation of the first rabies vaccine which saved a young boy’s life in 1885 who became the first receiver of such vaccination.


  • Majority of the experiments conducted by Pasteur propped up the germ theory of disease, revealing that the real cause of many disease and illnesses is microorganisms. Before, diseases were believed to be spontaneously generated. But due to the discoveries of Pasteur, this theory became outdated.


  • Some of his work also involved development in the chemistry field. He founded the molecular foundation for the asymmetry of particular crystals. He also created breakthroughs to the tartaric acid nature. Pasteur was also a Chemistry professor in University of Strasbourg.


  • Louis Pasteur dies on 28th of September 1895.


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