In this list of science facts, you’ll find comprehensive information about Megaraptor, the Huge Robber dinosaur. Increase your knowledge about this dinosaur through these Megaraptor facts. Read on and enjoy.


  • Megaraptor, the Huge Robber or the Giant Thief, was named by Fernando E. Novas, a paleontologist, in 1998. This dinosaur was characterized by its huge body and sickle-like claws. It was believed to be a lightly weight, fast-moving and bipedal dinosaur. It had stretchy neck and huge head along with sharp, notched teeth and strong jaws.


  • Megaraptor was believed to be on the Earth’s surface around late Cretaceous era, roughly 84 to 90 million years ago.


  • The size of this meat-eating dinosaur was roughly 20 to 26 ft or 6 to 8 meters long and about 6 ft or 2 meters tall at its hips.


  • It walked on its two lean, bird-like legs. Considering the length of its legs and its light weight, Megaraptor must have been a hasty runner.


More Interesting Facts about Megaraptor


In 1997, the incomplete remains of Megaraptor were discovered by Fernando E. Novas in Northwest Patagonia, Argentina. The remains included a finger bone, metatarsal, sickle-shaped claw and ulna. It was named as Megaraptor in 1998.


Megaraptor was initially thought to be huge dromaeosaur-like coelurosaur. But as of now, this dinosaur is categorized as a neovenatorid allosauroid.


Some paleontologists and scientists believe that this giant thief is in fact a fully grown Unenlagia.


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