If you are looking for facts about oceans of the Earth, this article is for you. Enjoy these interesting facts about oceans and increase your knowledge about Pacific Ocean, marine wildlife, southern oceans and more through these ocean facts for kids.

  • Ocean covers approximately 70% of Earth surface.
  • Oceans have low and high tides due to the rotation of Earth and gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun that does something on ocean water.
  • The world’s biggest ocean is Pacific Ocean, covering about 30% of the earth surface.
  • While the world’s second biggest ocean is Atlantic Ocean, covering about 21% of earth surface, Indian Ocean is the third largest which occupies about 14% of earth surface.
  • Ocean is a home to thousands of recognized marine life form. However, there are still many marine wildlife is yet to be discovered. In fact, many scientists suggest that ocean could houses millions of life forms.
  • Oceans are widely used for transportation. It is used by many shipping and transporting companies to export/import wide range of products from one port to another.
  • Mariana Trench is known to be the deepest area of oceans on Earth, with the deepest point of approximately 36,000 feet. It is situated in the western part of Pacific Ocean, East of Mariana Islands.

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