Explore our extensive list of fun facts about physics. This set of physics facts feature wide variety of topics including electricity, sounds, gravity, light and more. Read on and enjoy these interesting physics facts!

Did you know?

  • Looking for electricity facts for kids? Electric eels can shock their prey and predators with the use of electric stun ranging around 500 volts?
  • It just takes 1.2555 seconds for light coming from the Earth to reach Moon.
  • Water works against gravity. It can move up in a narrow tube through the process known as capillary action.
  • Of all known planets in the solar system, Uranus is the only one that revolves on its side, whilst the planet Venus is the only one that rotates in opposite direction to the Earth.
  • In order to enlarge particular figure, magnifying glass utilizes the convex shaped lens properties.
  • Sound Facts: did you know that sound can travel at the speed of 757 mph?
  • The energy we accumulate from the food we eat is measured in calories or joules.
  • The title of being the fastest land animal on earth goes to Cheetah, reaching the maximum speed of approximately 70mph.
  • Albert Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize for his work in theoretical physics field.
  • A 100kg person could weigh 38kg on Mars due to gravity differences.

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